Mejico Sydney

Sam Prince - CEO - Mejíco Sydney Pty Ltd

"We wanted somebody who understood the restaurant’s concept and our company’s vision, someone who sees in the customer the only reason to do better each and every day.

We found that working with BR Consultants gave us that energy, the push that the project needed to become a reality, to go from black and white to a well-executed venue ready for launch.

Carlos Swinton-Lee and his team were “hands on” from the beginning, they developed and managed the whole project with a huge degree of success and have since supported us with the day to day management structure and the development of the business.

They will always be on speed dial!"

Juicy Design

Elizabeth Wong - Juicy Design

"In the development of mejico we wanted to avoid the obvious cliché’s and create a space that reflected the culture, without becoming a pastiche. We use very bold, hand painted graphics, on floors and walls, to set the energy levels high. The planning of the restaurant brings food to the street, with guacamole, limes, chili’s and roasted corn as the centerpiece. This wraps into a bar to cater for early diners and those who just want to come for the tequila! The restaurant then sweeps down, mixing communal settings with more traditional banquette seating, anchored with an open kitchen at the rear.

Working with B&RC on mejico Sydney was an absolute pleasure, their expertise in managing the project from an operational perspective complimented Juicy Designs style. Their attention to detail was exceptional and ensured the project was delivered with a seamless, no fuss approach. The end result is an iconic Sydney restaurant that operates to it’s full potential"

Scarf Community Organisation

Kim Riggs - Scarf

"Carlos has been coaching me through the business management of Scarf Community Organisation for the past few months. During this time Carlos has helped me to establish achievable and measurable business goals. He helped me recognise the things that were diverting my attention unnecessarily so that the "big picture" came into focus. Once I gained a clear understanding of what I was trying to achieve it was easier to map out how to get there. I am still in the process of developing a strong foundation for the business, though now, armed with the knowledge I have gained from our sessions together, I feel I am in control. The business is in a much better state of operation than it was prior to being guided by Bar and Restaurant Consultants. Thank you Carlos for your generously given time, which is greatly appreciated for the positive impact it has made."

Red Rock Leisure

Eamonn Hennessy – Area Manager – Red Rock Leisure

"Using our company values and our policies, Bar & Restaurant Consultants tailor made a training package to present to our bar and restaurant group. The course demonstrated the vital role that the managers and our security play in delivering customer satisfaction and we found the results had an extremely positive effect on the performance of our team and in turn our customers. The module covered all of our requirements and more - our aim is to run a course with B&RC every 6 months."

CG Restaurants

Hugh Fowler – Managing Director – CG Restaurants

"Working in our executive team Carlos and Jo were a part of every decision that took Fire and Stone from a single unit to a strongly branded, well marketed, operationally successful and profitable business of 5 restaurants in a period of just over two and a half years. Carlos was deeply involved in site selection, construction management and evolving successful strategies to grow the businesses. At the same time he led the dramatic sales and profit growth in two of our other businesses - Tuttons and Dirty Martini. It was a body blow to our business to hear that they were both heading off to Australia and it is to their great personal credit that the strategy put in place to ensure that the business did not miss a beat in their absence has enabled us to maintain our sales and profit growth. They can visualise, create, manage and run businesses; they can put together strong highly motivated teams and they have a very high level of analytic skills when it comes to diagnosing the root causes of problems when they do arise, as opposed to just treating the symptoms."