Business Planning & Strategy
  • Visualise - start with the end in mind.
  • What does your business look like?
  • What does it feel like for your customers and your team?
  • What are the great results that you are achieving?
  • How do you stand out from your competitors?
  • What is your defining culture?

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Research the industry trends, patterns, research locally
  • Define the target market, know your market position, provide rationale, be 100% confident in your idea
  • Out compete, be better, know why and how you stay ahead
  • People planning, ensure good expertise
  • Forecast results, your big returns
  • Plan for change, look ahead

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Business plan including a thorough marketing plan
  • Get your team involved, get buy in
  • Forecast your cash flow, your sales, your budgets, challenge and challenge again and again....
  • Actions, measures, time frames, kpis
  • Delegate, empower, create shared involvement with each person being accountable for your results

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Do your core values reflect the way you do business?
  • Behaviours that breed productivity , results, ownership and teamwork Influence, be the standard setter, be the epitomy of your values
  • Deliver outstanding customer service every single time
  • Be the employer of choice
  • Create at a cultural level, make it infectious

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Energising systems and structures
  • Procedures manuals
  • Communication processes - make it clear
  • Remove barriers for your team and make it easy for your customers to do business with you
  • Align each part of the marketing with the people inside the business

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Engage your people, reflect your core values in your training
  • Train, coach, support and delegate to your team - don`t miss a stage in this process
  • Results driven training, timescales, measures
  • Plan your career pathways and your succession plans
  • Provide ongoing learning in your business - never stop!
  • Reward development and success

Business Planning & Strategy
  • Measure the delivery against the kpis and your company values
  • Measure satisfaction internally with your team
  • Measure satisfaction externally with your customers
  • Review, discuss, change if necessary
  • Share best practice, document and develop
  • Reward, recognise, celebrate!

We specialise in these 7 steps and to help you to get your results we can provide you with the following when planning your strategy and its delivery;

  • Business plans, sales and marketing plans
  • Values sessions to define your company culture
  • Recruitment of the right people for your business
  • Operating systems and solutions
  • Current and future industry reports, forecasts, news, trends and patterns
  • HR strategy documents and systems
  • Forecasting and budgeting spreadsheets
  • KPI sheets and the necessary measures to monitor your performance
  • Training sessions for your team
  • Mentoring and coaching throughout